What if every gram of gold could do this?

SMO gold does a lot more than glitter. Our social and environmental projects transform lives.

We are the link between miners and buyers of gold. Our jewellers and investors are safe in the knowledge that their precious metals can be traced back to single, responsible source.

Behind each piece of SMO gold there are contributions to health projects, civil infrastructure and social initiatives that improve the lives of those we work with and their communities.

Through our commitment to responsible practices, we have made switching to SMO gold an easy decision for jewellers and customers by increasing our value, not our cost.

that count.



of employees at SMO mines are nationals, many from the local host communities.



SMO has adopted all 51 World Gold Council Responsible Gold Mining Principles.



Over 10,000 trees planted per year by each SMO mine.



We have a commitment to plant a 270-hectare reserve of trees by 2030.



of gold has been produced from our mines in Ity and Yanfolila since opening in 2014.



of SMO gold is sourced from and traceable to responsible mines.



Zero mercury is used during the gold extraction process at SMO mines.



Less than 1% of gold in the world is traceable. SMO is here to change this.



SMO supports over 300 Ivorian businesses through the procurement of goods and services.



people protected against Malaria thanks to the residual home spraying scheme in local communities in Yanfolila, Mali.



locals supported by poultry farms that provide skills and alternative income.



reduction in malaria cases in the communities near the Ity mine in 2021 thanks to SMO’s continued efforts to fight the disease.

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SMO mines simply do more for their community.

We are committed to improving the lives of those we work with, and the environments in which we operate.

SMO pledges to uphold the highest standards across social, environmental and corporate governance, to demonstrate that mining can be a positive force when done responsibly.

We meet the World Gold Council’s RGMPs and are independently audited to give our investors confidence in the integrity of our operations.

A school day, Mali. 2022


SMO supports talent, academic excellence and the promotion of women across our organisation. In 20?? we launched the Endeavour Academy at the Ity SMO mine: a dedicated educational funding and support programme delivered through Côte d’Ivoire’s leading technical institute IN-PHB.

We also further the development of promising individuals through scholarship programmes; enabling them to advance their study internationally and gain employment at our operations.

Teacher in class, Mali. 2022


Our aim is to minimise the impact gold mining has on biodiversity.

In Côte d’Ivoire, this includes working with Université Jean Lorougnon Guédé in Daloa to establish a forest reserve within the SMO Ity mine site and funding a research program to monitor endangered fish from the Cavally River, which crosses the operating permit of our mine.

Wet Season, Mali. 2020


SSMO has partnered with Critical Care International (CCI) to improve access to health care and disease prevention among the workforce and local communities.

In 2019, the initiative provided over 3,500 initial medical consultations and annual medical checks to all employees of the Yanfolila mine in Mali. In 2020, we recorded the lowest incidence of malaria among workers since the mine opened.

Dr Marcus Stevens discussing health initiatives at SMO mines


CCI Doctor, Mali. 2020


We have invested in a range of initiatives in the areas that surround SMO mines.

These include: developing 11 market gardens harvesting fruit and vegetables to sell to local communities; creating a beekeeping initiative that provides training for honey production; replacing water pumps in Biétouo and Floleu; launching a literacy project in East and West Cavally; and supporting female-led agricultural initiatives at Daapleu and Tobopleu.

Yanfolila Market Gardens, Mali. 2022

Invest in the future of gold

Every ounce of SMO Gold you purchase, whether bullion, coins or jewellery, has a lasting impact on the lives of local people and the environment. Let’s show the Gold industry that provenance matters.

Sunset in Djenne, Mali