Boodles Logo

Since 1798, Boodles has represented the epitome of fine British jewellery. Still a privately-owned family business, Boodles stands for the very best in creative design; the highest quality diamonds and gemstones; and the fusion of traditional craft skills with innovation.

Every piece of Boodles jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Britain. There is an emphasis at Boodles on provenance: they take pride in being able to trace their diamonds all the way back to source, and on working with gold of a Single Mine Origin. At once classic and contemporary – always distinctive – Boodles is perhaps best known for Raindance; the iconic ring which was recognised by the V&A Museum and entered into its permanent collection.

In 2023 – the year of their 125th anniversary – Boodles was named ‘Best British Luxury Brand of the Year’ by the UK’s luxury sector body, Walpole.

“More and more we are finding our customers love the fact that our gold is SMO, and often this makes an impact in their buying decision.”

- Geordie Wainwright - 6th Generation of the Boodles Family


Fernando Jorge Logo

Fernando Jorge's fine jewellery conveys the laid back attitude and effortless sensuality of his native Brazil.

Meticulous about detail & craftsmanship, Jorge sources the finest gemstones, in the most vibrant colours for his fluid creations. Delicate delectable pieces in rich golds ebb and flow on the body with an enviable grace.

These are sculptural timeless designs enjoyed the world over. 

“I was really pleased to see how local people are benefiting from the mine, being employed by the mine, given choices as to how things are done”

- Fernando Jorge


Messika Logo

Mason Messika, is the leading purveyor of diamonds with a modern touch.

Founder Valérie Messika is French diamond industry royalty, having grown up surrounded by precious gemstones.

Flirty & feminine, her contemporary pieces showcase diamonds delightfully & youthfully, designed to be worn with abandon.

From the simple to the bold, these are modern and timeless creations, crafted meticulously in Paris, adorned & enjoyed worldwide. 


Stephen Webster Logo

Stephen Webster is renowned for his rock & roll style, rule breaking designs & roster of celebrity clients.

Unmistakably British, he is wonderfully eccentric, a much admired & instantly recognisable aesthetic in his work.

Deeply passionate about craftsmanship, design, traditional techniques & responsible sourcing, he is a master jeweller, industry leader and mentor for the next generation.

"Transparency is important to us, our existing client base, and the key to attracting new clients. As jewellers, it’s essential that we help maintain the allure and desirability of the precious metal that has existed since the beginning of civilisation. SMO Gold has become very much part of our mission to produce a more sustainable product."

- Stephen Webster MBE

Deakin Francis gold ring

Deakin & Francis Logo

Since 1786, Deakin & Francis have been designing and creating the world’s finest cufflinks, signet rings, fine jewellery and bespoke commissions.

Over seven generations they have employed tools, traditions & techniques handed down from one generation to the next, with a watchful eye on their creative craftsmanship & the demands of the present.

Distinctive British style, timeless design these are heritage makers with an eye on the future.

“We are delighted to be partnering with SMO as a forward-thinking, sustainable alternative to sourcing precious metals. We have a duty to our planet to provide the best option for mining raw materials in a sustainable, more environmentally conscious manner, whilst accommodating the luxury needs of our customers. We believe that this partnership is the right way forward for our family jewellery brand.”

- Henry Deakin, Managing Director


Efema Cole Logo

Emefa Cole showcases her Ghanaian roots in her exhilarating pieces.

Inspired by organic shapes, colours and elements, Cole creates bold sculptural pieces that are tactile celebrations of the natural world.

Her love of colour pairings and texture shine through her craftmanship bringing to life her wearable art.

“I want more makers to know who is mining their materials and to use SMO Gold. All my gold is from the Ity Mine in Côte d'Ivoire and two incredible women run it. These mines provide vital social, environmental and cultural support to local communities.”

- Emefa Cole


Rajcoomar-Hadden Logo

Fine Jeweller, Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden began her career at De Beers as a diamond grader.

Today RRH creates timeless luxurious pieces for women, adorned with diamonds and delicate gemstones, celebrating all of their multi-tasking facets.

Sustainability is a key consideration, and the responsible sourcing of gemstones, metals & materials for all pieces is paramount.

These are forever pieces to be handed down to the next generation. 

“Conscious consumerism is integral to every facet of my life, from household purchases to my children's essentials. Therefore, embracing SMO Gold aligns perfectly with my ethos and reinforces my commitment to sustainable practices.”

- Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden, Owner, Founder


Rebus Logo

Rebus is the home of exquisitely hand-crafted signet rings.

Founded by Emmet Smith in 2005, it was originally a department within R.H. Wilkins, the renowned UK precious metal engravers, before flourishing into a standalone brand.

Rebus today is beacon of style & quality, made up of award-winning craftsmen, all with a heartfelt commitment to beautiful engraving using traditional hand tools.

“The decision to use SMO Gold was an easy one, so that our clients and ourselves can be secure in the knowledge that our jewelry is not only beautiful but is also a social and environmentally responsible choice.  The chain of custody guarantees the highest quality raw materials without any pricing premium, so if for yourself or a loved one, the purchase can be enjoyed in the knowledge of guaranteed excellence and provenance.”

- Rachel Constantine


Matturi Logo

Matturi Fine Jewellery is an award winning jewellery house founded by Satta Matturi. Based in London & inspired by Africa, Satta Matturi has a rich heritage in the diamond industry having worked in sales & rough diamond valuations for several years. This knowledge together with her creative aesthetic, masterful skills and deep rooted appreciation for the African continent has given rise to distinctive colourful thought-provoking jewellery pieces, to be enjoyed globally. 

"We are conscious of our footprint and are pleased to take this bold step to ensure that most of our creations use the best materials that are sourced responsibly and ethically, and the use of SMO Gold has helped us achieve this milestone."

- Satta Matturi, Founder & Creative Director


L'Atelier Nawbar Logo

Founded over 130 years ago, L'Atelier Nawbar seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, creating modern heirlooms, to be passed down for generations to come. L’Altelier Nawbar today is overseen by sisters Dima and Tima Nawbar, who take their inspiration from childhood memories, travels and nature, weaving sentimental narratives into every jewellery piece.

“We need peace of mind that we can trace to responsible sources, and this is a progressive journey for L’Atelier Nawbar to reach 100% traceability across the brand. SMO allows us to confidently communicate to our customers the positive impact of the gold we choose to use and the specific mine it comes from.”

Dima Nawbar


Emily P Wheeler Logo

Emily P. Wheeler is a fine jewellery brand based in Los Angeles.

Wheeler creates wearable classics, in technicolour, bursting with personality and joy. With precious gems shading artfully from hue to hue, Wheeler’s jewellery celebrates colour. A reminder that life is all about the journey, not the destination, and that the moments between the milestones are when life really happens. Because the journey matters, this jewellery feels as good as it looks. Every piece is responsibly sourced and expertly crafted from Single Mine Original Gold, and conflict-free gemstones. 

“As part of our ongoing commitment to making jewelry responsibly, we are continuously working towards improving our supply chain transparency. SMO Gold is an attractive option to us because we now know exactly where our gold comes from (in our case, the Ity mine in Côte d'Ivoire.) This will make ensuring responsible mining practices easier.”

Emily P Wheeler




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