Worth its weight.

Every ounce of our gold can be traced to mines that are accredited with the highest responsibility standards. These mines provide vital social, environmental and cultural support to local communities.

The SMO QR code shows customers where their gold was mined, the journey it has taken, and the positive impact it has made along the way.


Our mission is to drive universal change within the mining industry. SMO is the first to offer fully traceable, responsibly sourced gold at scale.

By scaling our operations, we are able to provide a reliable supply of competitively priced, responsibly sourced gold for the global market.

Discover how our work positively impacts lives across our supply chain.


Bandiagara Landscape, Mali

SMO responsibly sourced gold coins

The SMO Commitment

We provide a consistent supply of responsibly sourced, traceable gold. We don't believe in charging a premium for it. Our aim is to be a force for good, enriching local communities through healthcare, education, environmental protection and alternative livelihoods.

Responsibly sourced

Fully traceable

Audited chain of custody

Consistent and reliable supply


Introducing: SMO Physical Gold ETC

European ETF provider Tabula Investment Management Limited (“Tabula”) in conjunction with SMO has launched the world’s most transparent and ESG-focused physical gold ETC.

The SMO Physical Gold ETC (Bloomberg: BARS LN) is the first exchange-traded physical gold product to offer full traceability of gold bars from mine to vault, using a small number of SMO selected mines adhering to the highest ESG standards.

A mark that
means something.

SMO is an assurance that your gold is responsibly sourced, traceable and has been kept segregated from other metals throughout the supply chain.

It means that your investment has supported local communities, funded environmental projects, and is helping us transform the gold industry.

All SMO gold is guaranteed to be 100% mercury free. There is no requirement for mercury in responsible gold mining.

Invest in the
future of gold

Every ounce of SMO gold you purchase, whether bullion, coins or jewellery, has a lasting impact on the lives of local people and the environment. Let’s show the gold industry that provenance matters.

Sunset in Djenne, Mali