the new accountability 


Before SMO, only a tiny proportion of the gold in the world was fully traceable, due to the nature of how it is mined, refined and sold.

The origins of SMO Gold and its segregated journey across the processing, refining and sales chain is fully traceable by way of a QR code & single batch number.

Every ounce of SMO Gold is fully traceable back to the mine from which it was sourced. The 'Chain of Custody', from the mine to approved LBMA refinery, where it is refined in segregation under independent audit supervision, to the onward shipment to manufacturing partners globally, for each batch is externally audited. 

A QR code enables consumers to trace their gold’s origins and to discover the positive environmental and social impacts of their purchase.​


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SMO member mines are carefully selected for their outstanding ESG credentials. They adhere to the exacting standards of the World Gold Council's Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMPs), Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) or International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) principles.


SMO Gold remains segregated from any other material throughout the supply chain.

Member mines use independent auditors to monitor mine output; world-class logistics partners ensure gold remains segregated whilst being transported; approved LBMA refiners maintain segregation throughout the refining process; and any manufacturing prior to materials being delivered to jewellers is completed under segregated conditions. This segregated journey is fully documented, referred to as the 'Chain of Custody'.


SMO Gold is refined by approved LBMA refiners in total segregation from any other material. This process is overseen every time by an independent auditor.

For SMO, the refinery the most critical part of the 'Chain of Custody', hence the audit, as this is the point where normal gold would become untraceable, when multiple gold sources are co-mingled.


SMO Gold can be supplied to jewellery partners as fine gold grain directly from the LBMA refinery. Alternatively, it can be alloyed and turned into alloyed grain, wrought product, rings, chain or castings for delivery to jewellers, all in total segregation.

All finished items of jewellery manufactured with SMO Gold can be hallmarked with the SMO mark, subject to mass balance checks at the assay office.


Each batch of SMO Gold is fully traceable through the 'Chain of Custody' from mine to jeweller, complete with a documented paper trail.

All SMO Gold is supplied with a QR code, allowing end consumers to see exactly where their gold was mined, and learn more about the positive social and environmental impacts associated with their purchase.



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    Gold is extracted from SMO member mine, with independent reconciliation of mine output vs export volumes

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    Secure segregated transport from mine to refinery by renowned 3PL partners

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    Fully segregated refining process only using approved LBMA certified refineries

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    Independent auditors conduct process assurance and independently verify segregation through refining process


    Secure segregated transport from refinery to vault or to manufacturers by renowned 3PL partners

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    Vault or Manufacturer

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Gold mining can be a force for good and the World Gold Council’s (WGC) 51 Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMP’s), along with the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) & International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) principles provide valuable frameworks for best practice. 

An Independent annual assurance audit of our member mines ensures conformance and provides SMO with the verification of responsible operations. The ongoing convergence of WGC, ICMM, MAC, and The Copper Mark mining standards, coupled with an assurance framework, aims to further clarify responsibility standards for member mines.​ Member mines have a positive impact on the communities in which they operate, giving rise to employment, local investment, and positive initiatives to address environmental, health, educational & social concerns. 

the magnifier of ethics


SMO only work with approved mines, those carefully selected member mines that adhere to the strictest ESG principles and undergo an annual assurance audit that is compliant with internationally recognised responsibility standards.

SMO member mines are committed to transparency through the sharing of comprehensive, independently audited ESG data annually. Quarterly commentary on initiatives to improve environmental and social performance adds depth to this commitment. ​

SMO's creation of a robust ESG benchmark, both globally and regionally, reinforces the belief that transparency acts as a catalyst for continuous improvement across the entire sector, extending beyond individual member mines​.

SMO member mines have vast reserves and can supply responsibly sourced gold, at scale and without additional premiums, while continuing to improve & evolve their operations & ESG commitments. 

For those that are mining responsibly and with transparency, SMO provides recognition & a like-minded community.




With SMO, jewellery houses and makers alike can now access abundant supplies of gold jewellery bullion with detailed provenance.

SMO offers assurance that their gold has been responsibly sourced and is fully traceable to a single mine, operating with transparency.   




Single Mine Origin (SMO) starts at the beginning of the gold mining process, where we can affect the most change.

Your contribution, through making with SMO Gold or purchasing jewellery or investment products made from SMO Gold, is supporting local communities with education, healthcare & alternative livelihoods, funding environmental projects, and helping us transform lives. Together, we are driving change within the entire gold mining industry, and fostering continuous improvement for mines to protect & promote their environments & wider communities.



Single Mine Origin was founded in 2017 by Dan & Charlie Betts, in response to a growing demand for responsibly sourced gold. 

While alternatives such as Fair Trade, Fairmined and recycled gold have existed for some time, there are limitations due to artisan production, pricing premiums and small quantities, all insufficient to satisfy the growing global demands of conscious consumerism. The provenance of gold came into question, amongst a rising consciousness of the social & environmental impact of the mining industry. 

A new global standard of scalable responsibly sourced gold was required. In 2012, in search of a solution, Dan Betts left the family business, concentrating solely on Hummingbird Resources, a gold exploration business previously set up with his father, Stephen Betts.  

It quickly became apparent that barely any of the world's gold supply is fully traceable, due to the nature of how it is mined, refined and sold. Without this traceability, there was little accountability, and a lack of assurance as to the social & environmental standards being upheld. For those that were mining responsibly and with transparency, a coming together was needed, to unite & connect them to the growing demands of conscious consumerism. 

In 2017, Hummingbird Resources, together with Betts Metals, formed “Single Mine Origin” offering gold that was not only responsibly sourced & mined with transparency, but fully traceable to a single mine, with reserves. This was an industry first for the jewellery & investment sectors.  

In 2024 Hummingbird Resources fully divested and SMO is solely owned by the Betts Group, and Charlie Betts is the Managing Director. 



  • 2001 – 2004

    Dan Betts joins the Betts Group from Anderson Consulting, Charlie Betts joins from ING Barings

  • 2005

    Dan & Stephen Betts establish Hummingbird Resources, a gold exploration business

  • 2010

    Hummingbird Resources becomes a public company listed on London’s AIM market with Dan Betts as CEO

  • 2012

    Charlie Betts takes over as the ninth generation of the Betts family to be Betts Group Managing Director

  • 2014

    Hummingbird Resources acquires Yanfolila Gold Project in Mali and begins feasibility study

  • 2017

    Single Mine Origin is launched as a joint venture between Hummingbird Resources and the Betts Group

  • 2017

    The first gold pour at Yanfolila marks the very beginning of the Chain of Custody

  • 2019

    Betts Group commit all internal manufacturing to SMO Gold & jewellery makers begin to adopt SMO Gold

  • 2020

    The SMO hallmark is established at UK assay offices

  • 2020

    Boodles becomes the first international jewellery house to commit all production to SMO Gold.

  • 2021

    Endeavour’s Ity Mine in Côte d'Ivoire becomes an SMO Member mine

  • 2023

    SMO Gold debuts at the Met Gala in NYC worn by Michaela Coel, designed by Emefa Cole, sourced from Ity mine.

  • 2023

    JewelArc, Thailand commit to SMO Gold exclusively for all gold jewellery manufacture

  • 2023

    Leading jewellery houses Fernando Jorge, Messika, Stephen Webster & Shaun Leane partner with SMO Gold

  • 2024

    Hummingbird Resources divestiture completes, SMO is now solely owned by the Betts Group. 

  • 2024

    C&J are recruited as US distributor.

  • 2024

    SMO Physical ETC is launched on London Stock Exchange. SMO ESG Benchmark launches. 

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Co-Founder & Managing Director


Charlie Betts represents the ninth consecutive generation of the Betts family to manage Betts Group; a business focusing on refining precious metals and manufacturing jewellery and investment products. Charlie is also the managing director of Single Mine Origin (SMO). 

Charlie has experienced first-hand the recent surge in consumer engagement with responsible sourcing in the jewellery industry. He also has expert understanding of the challenges faced by jewellers in reliably and cost-effectively acquiring materials with detailed provenance.

“Our aim is to incite jewellers, watchmakers, manufacturers and investors universally to engage with the provenance of their gold.”



Charlie’s brother, Dan Betts, is the CEO of Hummingbird Resources PLC; an AIM-listed multi-asset gold company with producing gold mines in West Africa, one of which is Yanfolila, an SMO member mine.

Having co-founded SMO with Betts Group back in 2017, Hummingbird Resources have now divested and SMO is solely owned by Betts group. 

Dan is actively engaged with the challenges of developing socially and environmentally responsible gold mines, adhering to internationally recognised responsibility standards and ensuring such initiatives are not only beneficial to their host communities, but continuously improving & evolving.

"I think mining can be a force for good, enriching the local community in terms of health, environmental protection, education and alternative livelihoods.”