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What is SMO Gold?

SMO stands for Single Mine Origin. We offer responsibly sourced gold to the jewellery and investment sectors.

Our gold comes from SMO approved mines which means they have been selected as member mines. These mines process to the highest possible global standards and they are audited independently on an annual basis.

SMO Gold is fully traceable back to the mine where it came from and remains fully segregated all the way through the supply chain.

Does SMO Gold cost more?

For most products, there is no extra cost to jewellers or investors to work with SMO Gold as opposed to other golds. There are costs associated with keeping SMO Gold segregated throughout the supply chain and independently auditing this segregation to ensure the chain of custody is robust.

However, by working with corporate mines, SMO is able to achieve economies of scale and keep these costs to an absolute minimum. Where consumers are buying gold in very large volumes in its rawest form, there will be a very small additional cost, because in those circumstances the additional costs in the supply chain cannot be fully absorbed by the manufacturer. 

How does SMO differ from others?

Comparing SMO to Fairtrade, Fairmined or Recycled golds

Fairtrade & Fairmined gold are both great responsible initiatives working within the artisanal sector. Similarly, recycled gold, is important and can offer a responsible alternative.

However, the majority of gold consumption is derived from large-scale corporate mining rather than artisanal mining or recycling and SMO targets this sector to ensure metals are sourced from the best and most progressive mines, and are fully traceable, affordable and available. Individual consumers & manufacturers actively engaged with responsible sourcing have alternatives to choose from.

For some, the limited supply and substantial premiums mean that Fairtrade or Fairmined metal is not viable. With recycled metal, the original provenance of the metal is often unknown and you therefore cannot make claims about beneficial impacts achieved in mining communities.

For SMO, we are driving positive change within the gold mining industry.

Can I buy findings or chain made from SMO Gold?

Yes. Findings and chain are currently available and the ranges are continuously evolving, You can review manufacturers here

Is SMO Gold available in all alloys and colours?

Yes. We offer a comprehensive range of SMO Gold alloys. We can also manufacture custom alloys to specific customer requirements.

Is SMO Gold available in European standard alloys & colours?

Yes, all European standard alloys are available and alloys can be made up to specific customer requirements.

Where did my SMO Gold come from?

All SMO Gold is presented with a batch number and a QR code that allows you to trace your gold back to the member mine it came from. Simply scan the code or visit our website and trace your gold by entering the batch number, which will reveal the name of the SMO member mine, from where your gold was sourced.

You can read about the mine and the social and Environmental initiatives taking place local to the mine.


How is SMO Gold traceable?

SMO Gold is kept separate from all other material through the entire supply chain, from mine to finished product. We work with SMO approved mines (member mines), world-class logistics partners and LBMA refiners to ensure the integrity of this chain of custody.

Unlike most metal, which is comingled with material from multiple sources at the point of refinery, SMO is refined in segregated batches in a process independently overseen by auditors - Bureau Veritas, the leader in testing, inspection & certification.

Can I return scrap SMO Gold and have it recycled?

Yes, SMO scrap can be recycled.

However, because SMO does not control or audit jewellery partners beyond the point of supplying metal, once the metal is scrapped, it will no longer be designated as SMO because we cannot guarantee the integrity of the segregation at the jeweller.

Do you offer investment products in SMO Gold?

Yes. We offer a comprehensive collection of SMO Gold coins and bars in our online store.

Prices are derived from the gold spot price and are highly competitive. If you are a company or a larger investor, we offer a bespoke service where you can have coins & bars custom-made.

We also have the SMO Physical Gold ETC (BARS LN) listed on the London Stock Exchange, you can learn more here.

Single Mine Origin investment products are the only investment products available that are fully traceable to a single mine undergoing an annual assurance audit that it is compliant with an internationally recognised responsibility standard.

How can I source SMO Gold for making?

You can buy direct from us. Simply contact us - by email, or by phone on +44 (0)121 817 8179

Do you offer any brand assets trade marketing purposes?

We have a welcome pack for makers, member mines and jewellery houses that provides the approved copy and digital assets (logos, imagery) for use by SMO partners.

Please contact with your enquiry.

Do you offer in-person presentations and campus visits to jewellery schools & colleges?

Yes, we would be happy to organise a presentation or visit.

Please contact with your enquiry.

What is involved in the on boarding process to make with SMO?

The process is easy and straight forward. Simply contact us with your needs and we will take it from there and fulfill your order.

You will be entitled to use our SMO hallmark on your finished items, and that process is easy. You will need to register on the 'approved SMO list', at your chosen assay office and agree to mass checks, to ensure transparency, that your output does not exceed your supply.

Is there a special SMO hallmark?

Yes. All assay offices can apply the hallmark.

You will need to be registered on the 'approved SMO' list at your chosen assay office.

Can overseas manufacturers make with SMO?

Yes. We can ship SMO Gold to anywhere in the world.

Some manufacturers have already chosen to make with only SMO Gold. Others make with SMO Gold for specific clients only.

The manufacturer just needs to ensure that their supply of SMO Gold remains segregated from any other sources of gold, and does not get comingled.

Is SMO Gold available in all carats?

Yes. SMO can be alloyed to all carats in line with customer requirements. Bespoke alloys are also available on request.

Enquiries from UK/Europe

Enquiries from USA

Do SMO member mines use Mercury?

Never. SMO member mines are 100% mercury free in their extraction process.

How can SMO ensure the highest possible standards are maintained at mine level?

SMO only work with SMO Approved mines, those that satisfy specific criteria and operate to the highest possible standards, adhering to the strictest principles.

These mines are independently audited, on an annual basis to ensure that their ESG commitments and standards are not only maintained but improved upon.

Where can I get a QR code or batch number?

When you purchase SMO Gold, as a raw material or an investment coin or bar from us, or in a finished jewellery piece from one of our partners, it will be presented with a certificate of origin, with a QR code and batch number specific to that piece.


Why are investment bars & coins only 99.99% pure gold?

99.99% is the purest gold possible as 100% pure gold is virtually impossible to achieve, due to the technical difficulties of removing tiny molecules.

All of our SMO Gold products are 99.99% pure, 24 carat gold and termed ‘pure fine gold’, which is why bars are stamped with 999.9. This is the industry standard purity for all gold investment products.

Where can I find jewellery made from SMO Gold?

Our jewellery partners are continuously growing, with new houses and makers joining our community weekly.

We showcase a number of our partners on our website within 'Partners'.

Here you can learn more about who they are, view their SMO collections and link to their individual online stores and websites.

Why is the price for coins & bars not fixed?

Gold is a traded commodity on the open market and the price fluctuates daily.

For investment products, all prices are derived from the spot gold price at the moment of purchase.

These coins & bars are investment products and the value can go up or down over time.

Why can I not return my investment coin or bar and get a refund?

The valuations of all SMO Gold products are subject to constant market fluctuations which is why the ‘cooling off’ period prescribed by the Distance Selling Regulations does not apply.

Cancellations before dispatch are entirely at the discretion of management and will incur a fee to cover any negative price movements since the point of order as well as a 2.5% administration fee.

Cancellations after dispatch will not be accepted.

Can I track my delivery?

Yes. All orders are discreetly packaged, fully insured and must be signed for on delivery.

You will receive a tracking number when your order is dispatched.

Is the delivery insured?

Yes all of our deliveries are fully insured and will require a signature.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We offer complimentary worldwide shipping, fully tracked & insured.

Do I pay VAT on SMO Gold bars & coins?

No. Gold Bullion Bars & Coins are regarded as investment gold under UK & EU law and are therefore exempt from VAT

Can I change the shipping address after I have placed my order?

Unfortunately not, due to security reasons we are not able to change the delivery address once an order has been placed.

If paying by card, the delivery address must also correspond to the cardholder’s address.

Due to the high value and liquid nature of our products, we have to protect ourselves from potentially fraudulent behaviour.

Why do I have to provide ID to purchase investment gold bars & coins?

For single transactions under £8,000 we simply require your name and address and do not require any further identification.

However, for larger transactions or for multiple transactions totaling over EUR 10,000 in a year we are required to keep identification to comply with HMRC regulations.

This information will be stored securely and will not be released to any third party unless we are compelled to do so by the authorities. If paying via bank transfer, we will not generally require any further ID.

If ID is required, a member of our team will contact you once you have placed your order to explain the process. We ask for one piece of photographic ID (such as a passport, driving license or firearms certificate) and one piece of ID showing your current address (such as a recent utility bill or bank statement).

If you send us the original documents, we will return them by recorded delivery the following day. If you prefer to send copies, these should be certified by an authority figure (such as a lawyer, accountant, doctor or business director).

What are the Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMP's)?

The Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMP's) are a new framework that sets out clear expectations for consumers, investors and the downstream gold supply chain as to what constitutes responsible gold mining.