WITH Roxanne Rajcoomer-Hadden


I have been in the jewellery industry for over 20 years and have worked in various sectors. Yet it's the processes of material mining and jewellery craftsmanship that have truly captivated me throughout my career.

My awareness of the environmental and societal impacts of mining has always been acute. Working at DeBeers during the aftermath of the "Blood Diamond" movie profoundly shaped my perspective, and helped me understand how I wanted to navigate the industry going forward. In 2014, I initiated a shift towards sustainability by repurposing clients' gold, later extending to gemstones. Every opportunity to create ethically conscious jewellery was seized.

Rajcoomar-Hadden necklace

Initially, I offered clients a choice between Fairtrade Gold and conventional gold.

However, the hefty premium on Fairtrade gold meant most opted for the latter, highlighting not only a frustrating lag in consumer consciousness but an industry-wide issue. 

Rajcoomar-Hadden ring

In late 2020, I was introduced to SMO Gold. A game-changer. The one we had been waiting for. 

Since then, I've streamlined my offerings, exclusively utilising SMO Gold for my production, due to its affordability, traceability, ethicality. I was supported with marketing materials so I could help to educate my clients about conscious purchasing practices. 

Rajcoomar-Hadden necklace

Once we figured out how to cast easily, I moved my caster of eight years to a company who worked with SMO Gold. And that was that!

Conscious consumerism is integral to every facet of my life, from household purchases to my children's essentials. Therefore, embracing SMO Gold aligns perfectly with my ethos and reinforces my commitment to sustainable practices.

SMO Gold branded gold bar

For Jewellery MAKERS


Whether you make individual gold pieces, jewellery findings & fittings or use gold as a complement to other materials, you could be creating with SMO Gold.

SMO gold can be supplied to makers & manufacturers directly from the approved LBMA refinery. Alternatively, it can be alloyed into grain, wrought product, rings, chain or castings for delivery to makers & artisans. We offer a comprehensive range of alloys & colours, and can custom make to specific requirements.