Charlie Betts represents the ninth consecutive generation of the Betts family to run The Betts Group; a business which focusses on refining precious metals and manufacturing jewellery and investment products. The Betts family name has been inextricably linked with the precious metals industry for over quarter of a Millennium, with the original family business having been established in Birmingham at the dawn of the industrial revolution in 1760. In recent years, Charlie has witnessed first-hand increasing consumer engagement with informed and responsible product sourcing in the jewellery industry as well as the challenges faced by jewellers in reliably and cost effectively purchasing products with detailed provenance.

Charlie’s brother, Dan Betts, is the CEO of Hummingbird Resources PLC, an AIM-listed multi-asset gold company with a producing gold mine in Mali, West Africa. Dan is actively engaged with the challenges of developing socially and environmentally responsible gold mines and ensuring such projects are beneficial to their host communities.

Such a connection has provided the Betts family with unique direct access to every element of the gold industry, spanning exploration, mining, refining, product manufacture and recycling. It was this exceptional link which led to the development of the Single Mine Origin concept.

All Single Mine Origin gold is currently sourced from the Hummingbird Resources Yanfolila Gold Mine in Mali and Endeavour Mining’s Ity mine in Cote D’Ivoire. However, provided the SMO standards and chain of custody audit criteria can be met, other mines will also be utilised in future.