What is
SMO Gold

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the provenance of the products they buy. Price is important, but so too is knowing that a product is of a high quality and has been responsibly sourced. 

Only a tiny percentage of precious metal utilised in the jewellery or investment sectors has a traceable source of origin and having the reassurance of detailed provenance always attracts a substantial price premium. 

 SMO certification and stamping provides an auditable chain of custody for every gram of gold and peace of mind that this metal has been produced within strict parameters of corporate, social and environmental responsibility.

SMO denotes gold that has been produced by a legitimate mining operation which holds no ties to conflict, where miners are being paid a just wage under secure employment. Furthermore, SMO strives to ensure that the communities living locally to the gold source are benefitting from sustainability initiatives carried out by the mining operation. Such initiatives include programmes centred on education, healthcare, safe drinking water and agricultural prosperity to support a wide number of people.


The SMO mark is designed to ensure not only that the gold is traceable to a single mine, but that the mine is operated to the best international standards and is socially and environmentally responsible.

SMO Chain
Of Custody

From the moment it is mined, every gram of gold is traced by batch right through to the creation of a finished product.