1KG AgAIN Silver Bar

Product Information

  • 1KG Silver Bar
  • 99.9% Pure
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Stamped with Weight and Purity
  • AgAIN Silver
  • Insured Delivery


Please note: In order to process your order we will need to verify your identity. This will include a photo of your passport, driving license and a utility bill.


Our 1kg silver bars have set a new standard in responsible investment into fine silver. Our largest format bar, comprised of silver extracted from medical X-ray waste  

In creating this cycle of use and repurpose, AgAIN silver is uniquely positioned to provide a cost effective waste alternative for healthcare institutions while offering investors the knowledge that they are contributing to responsible practices when investing in traceable precious metals. 

Each bar is presented with a QR code, allowing customers to quickly scan the code and learn more about how AgAIN silver is refined. No VAT is payable on this product.

All orders are dispatched fully insured and require a signature. To find out more read our FAQs section on all questions regarding Delivery, Taxes and more.

Single Mine Origin investment products are the only investment products available that are fully traceable to a single mine undergoing an annual assurance audit that it is compliant with an internationally recognised responsibility standard.


AgAIN silver has been recycled in the UK from medical X-rays. This is silver that makes a difference:

- Helping hospitals earn money from old x-rays which would normally be stored or sent to landfill

- Providing investors with a fully traceable and sustainable silver supply

- Helping the planet by recycling every element of the X-rays, minimising AgAIN's carbon footprint

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