Single. Mine. Origin.

Our gold comes from selected mines that are accredited with internationally recognised responsibility standards, and it can be traced every step of the way.

What we do

SMO works with selected World Gold Council accredited mines and other independent bodies to extract, refine and sell responsibly sourced gold that can be traced every step of the way, while providing vital social, environmental and cultural support to the communities we operate in.

Ity mining facility, Cote D’Ivoire. 2022

SMO has oversight of every step of the process, forging the link between miners and buyers of gold

Betts Trade Counter in the 1920s

Our history

The Betts family name has been inextricably linked with the precious metals industry since the family refinery business was established in Birmingham in 1760. When brothers Dan and Charlie Betts came to the helm in 2012, they quickly became frustrated that they could not provide enough responsibly sourced gold to meet demand. A new standard of gold was required so Dan Betts broke away from the family business to form Hummingbird Resources, search for gold, and pioneer a long-overdue market solution.

In doing so, Dan came to understand that less than 1% of gold in the world is fully traceable. Without traceability there is no accountability and therein lies the need for change. And so, SMO was born.

Betts Metalworks, Birmingham. 1890

Betts Metals original paperwork

Our founders

Charlie Betts

Charlie Betts represents the ninth consecutive generation of the Betts family to run The Betts Group; a business focusing on refining precious metals and manufacturing jewellery and investment products.

Charlie has seen first-hand the recent explosion in consumer engagement with responsible sourcing in the jewellery industry. He also has expert understanding of the challenges faced by jewellers in reliably and cost-effectively acquiring products with detailed provenance.

Charlie Betts

“What we’re doing is trying to get jewellers, watchmakers, tech manufacturers and investors across the spectrum to engage with the provenance of their gold.”

Charlie Betts

Dan Betts

Charlie’s brother, Dan Betts, is the CEO of Hummingbird Resources PLC, an AIM-listed multi-asset gold company with a producing gold mine in Mali, West Africa.

Dan is actively engaged with the challenges of developing socially and environmentally responsible gold mines and ensuring such projects are beneficial to their host communities.

Listen to Dan and Charlie discussing SMO


Dan Betts

"I think mining can be a force for good, enriching the local community in terms of health, environmental protection, education and alternative livelihoods.”

Dan Betts

Invest in the
future of gold

Every ounce of SMO gold you purchase, whether bullion, coins or jewellery, has a lasting impact on the lives of local people and the environment. Let’s show the gold industry that provenance matters.

Sunset in Djenne, Mali