AgAIN Silver Products

AgAIN silver is sourced exclusively from recycled medical X-ray film: the first precious metal of its kind...

Continuing SMO’s aim to transform the precious metal industry, AgAIN silver is created without a need for mining, giving new life to a waste product that would otherwise be sent to landfill, incinerated, or kept in storage at significant cost to healthcare providers.

There currently exists no corporate-scale silver mine that is independently certified to an internationally recognised responsibility standard. Until responsible silver mining is a reality, AgAIN silver offers an alternative: recycled precious metal of known provenance, whose origins are independently audited by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

AgAIN silver gives investors and consumers confidence that their recycled silver benefits hospitals, people and the planet.

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100g AgAIN Silver Bar

For those looking for an entrance into the metals markets, our 100g AgAIN silver bars are ideal. A market first, we offer investors an alternative to earth-mined silver that repurposes medical waste extracted from X-rays.  Not only does an investment into AgAIN silver reflect a conscientious inve...


500g AgAIN Silver Bar

More than a financial investment, our 500g AgAIN silver bars are a statement of change, creating a more responsible alternative to traditional precious metal investing. Thanks to innovative approaches to reclaiming precious metal from becoming landfill or from being a financial burden to healthca...


1KG AgAIN Silver Bar

Our 1kg silver bars have set a new standard in responsible investment into fine silver. Our largest format bar, comprised of silver extracted from medical X-ray waste   In creating this cycle of use and repurpose, AgAIN silver is uniquely positioned to provide a cost effective waste alternative f...

“We are excited to launch AgAIN silver, which offers an alternative to mining silver from the earth. Not only does it offer customers full transparency regarding the source of their silver, by extracting the metal from a medical by-product that would usually cost thousands of pounds to store or, alternatively, be sent to landfilll, we are also injecting significant funds into the NHS and other health trusts. There are millions of tonnes of X-ray waste on earth, so it’s scalable and sustainable. Hospitals gain, customers gain and the planet gains. It’s a triple win.”

Charlie Betts, Managing Director of The Betts Group.