Mining Partners

Founded in 2005, Hummingbird Resources PLC is an AIM listed African gold producer, developer and explorer, operating in Liberia, Mali and Guinea. Hummingbird joined The World Gold Council and has signed up to the Responsible Gold Mining Principles. Hummingbird places good environmental and social governance at centre of its strategy, determined to have a lasting beneficial impact on the communities and local areas in which it operates. SMO sources gold from Hummingbird's Yanfolila mine in southern Mali.
Hummingbird believes that it is the duty of mining businesses to work in the most socially and environmentally responsible way possible.
Endeavour Mining is one of the world’s top 10 gold producers and the largest in West Africa. As a responsible gold miner, we are committed to producing gold that provides lasting value to society while protecting and promoting the places where we operate.
Ity Mine is the first of our mines to receive SMO accreditation, giving you complete confidence that your gold has been produced by Endeavour at Ity in accordance with strict international standards and that its segregated journey across the processing, refining and sales chain is fully traceable.

Wholesale Partners

The Betts Group is one of the world's oldest precious metal businesses. Betts Metal Sales combines 260 years of experience and heritage with contemporary knowledge and technology to manufacture a broad range of bullion products in the UK. Betts Metal Sales is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and focuses on responsible sourcing for precious metals, manufacturing all of its wrought and cast bullion products from Single Mine Origin Gold.
With over 260 years of heritage combined with the forward thinking approach of being early-adopters of responsibly sourced metal, Betts Metal Sales are the custodians of the past and pioneers of the future of the jewellery trade.
Betts harness 260 years of experience and metallurgical knowledge to manufacture technically superior wedding rings in-house in the UK. Betts Wedding Rings hold the largest stocked collection of British-made wedding rings available in the UK, with all stocked gold wedding rings being manufactured from Single Mine Origin gold. As a member of The Responsible Jewellery Council, The Betts Group recognised the importance of good ethics throughout the supply chain.
Betts Wedding Rings offer a comprehensive collection of superior quality British-made Single Mine Origin wedding rings.
With the advent of ESG investing, Betts Investments has quickly recognised the importance of offering 'known origin' physical investment products alongside more traditional bars and coins. Consequently Betts Investments is able to offer a range of Single Mine Origin bars and coins, giving investors peace of mind that the gold in their investment products comes from a source operated in line with the World Gold Council's Responsible Gold Mining Principles.
With 260 years of experience, The Betts Group are THE precious metal experts.
Brian Fulton and his team are established designers and makers of fine jewellery. Brian is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths, is a member of The Goldsmiths’ Company and is one of only a handful of jewellers in the UK that offer a completely in-house service with all design, casting, setting and polishing carried out in a state-of-the-art workshop. Fultons only use their own castings made using SMO gold and they are pleased to be able to offer these same high-quality castings to their customers.
Brian Fulton is proud to offer jewellery castings using SMO gold that is produced in line with the World Gold Council's Responsible Gold Mining Principles
Founded in 1979, Vipa has established an enviable reputation in the jewellery industry for their ethical making practices and high-quality jewellery manufacturing. With casting, setting and polishing all done on site, Vipa offers complete in-house manufacturing solutions for jewellery designers.
With ethical metal practices being at the forefront of Vipa’s values, Single Mine Origin gold is the perfect new addition to their metal portfolio.

Retail Partners

Established over two centuries ago, Boodles is an exciting British fine jeweller with a truly individual personality and a committed focus to achieving excellence in all facets of design, craftsmanship and service. Boodles extends this focus on excellence right through the supply chain, ensuring all of their gold is sourced from a known, responsibly operated mine by exclusively utilising Single Mine Origin gold in their jewellery manufacture.
This is a very important step forward, both for Boodles and for our clients. We are delighted to be one of the pioneers in the jewellery industry, using SMO gold for all of our jewellery designs.
Sheila Fleet has developed a reputation around the world for her distinctive designs. Her jewellery is designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art Orkney Workshop. Her love for Orkney, her home since birth, is at the heart of her designs. This sense of place feeds into the importance of understanding the provenance of materials, which is why Sheila Fleet uses Single Mine Origin gold alongside Scottish Gold for her products.
With a global reputation for her distinctive designs, Sheila Fleet's beautiful Orkney-inspired jewellery is treasured by her customers.
By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, G. Collins is a family-run jeweller whose workshop houses some of the most talented jewellers in the Country. Passionate about providing the highest standards in design, quality and expertise, it is no surprise that G. Collins & Sons was an early adopter of Single Mine Origin gold.
G. Collins & Sons provides the highest standard of quintessentially British jewellery making, repair work and commissions.
Deakin & Francis has been designing & crafting exquisite luxury cufflinks and accessories in Britain for seven generations, since 1786. The very first use of Single Mine Origin gold in jewellery was in Deakin & Francis' unique 18ct elephant cufflinks, which were sold to raise money for Tusk at Hummingbird Resources' SMO charity auction in early 2018. Deakin & Francis manufacture their signet rings exclusively from SMO gold.
With over 230 years of British heritage, the Deakin & Francis name is synonymous with the world's finest cufflinks.
KHIRY was launched from Jameel Mohammed’s University of Pennsylvania dorm room in 2016, after he was told by a CEO that true luxury brands only came from Paris and Milan. Mohammed’s aim with KHIRY is to create a new vision by channelling the art and culture of the African diaspora into modern, luxurious jewellery. Described by their creator as Afrofuturist, KHIRY designs honour African heritage; they are named for cities and historically significant figures, using sleek silhouettes.
We’re thrilled to support Jameel’s first fine jewellery collection through supplying SMO gold on consignment. It is very inspiring to see a young, black artist celebrating African culture by using precious metal mined responsibly, from a single source in Mali.
A Jewellery and Silversmithing graduate from London Metropolitan University, jewellery designer-maker Emefa Cole explores the transformative power of time to create bold, distinctive body adornment. During her childhood years spent in Ghana, Emefa developed her fascination with what lays beneath the surface. As a child, local folklore of people finding gold nuggets washed up from the soil after heavy rains captivated her imagination. Today, using traditional wax-casting techniques, Emefa layers various metals, including gold, to create pieces that capture the beauty of destruction through a natural peeling process.
I’m delighted to be able to use SMO gold to create my jewellery. The transparent chain to a specific mine, where I can observe responsible mining practice and positive impact on the miners and wider community is crucial for me. SMO gives me the confidence to promote the provenance of my metals to my clients.

“Knowing that there is an entire community of miners developing and thriving through my use of SMO gold makes me extremely happy and I truly believe that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that we consider the impact our choices when it comes to sourcing materials.
Fultons is an established design studio and workshop located in Keswick in the inspirational English Lake District. Serving clients from all over the world, Brian Fulton’s highly skilled team have many years of experience working with all precious metals and stones to create exquisite pieces of the highest quality. Sourcing SMO gold is a natural part of their pursuit of excellence in every aspect of their business.
Fultons is one of only a handful of jewellers in the UK that offer a completely in-house service – design, casting, setting and polishing are all carried out in their state-of-the-art workshop.
St. James Jewellers are a family business, started by Joseph Penna in 1982 in the town of Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire. Joseph's daughter Vanessa took over the business when her father retired in 2002, and her sister Beverley joined in 2015.
We make a great team together - we travel to source unique designs and make personalised, bespoke jewellery. Our aim is to bring you wonderful jewellery you will love to wear over and over again.
SI Craft Designs is a small family run business making bespoke custom jewellery in Scotland, which is delivered worldwide. Each product is handcrafted, ensuring that each one is unique. The Damascus steel creates a unique pattern like a fingerprint, ensuring your ring will be like no other.
We believe in making our products as ethical as we can, and are proud to use SMO gold, so you know we use only the best materials. The Damascus is stainless so it will not rust or tarnish with time, it is hypoallergenic, and is strong enough to last a lifetime.
Crystelle Belle is a family run jewellery boutique in Rushden. Whether you're searching for wedding rings, a special birthday or anniversary gift, Crystal and Chantelle love hearing about your special occasions and helping you in any way they can.
We can find you something beautiful and meaningful from our jewellery collection, either in store or online.
Garrard has created some of the most famous jewellery in existence for clients including Queen Victoria and Diana, Princess of Wales, rock and roll’s own royalty, and Indian maharajas.
The uniquely British formula: designs that endure an eternity, jewels that make history and craftsmanship that delivers a bold vision.